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Event: April 30
Poetry to Music: Poems in Sound

You are invited to the fifth Poetry to Music event sponsored by the Cantable chapter of the Spokane Symphony Associates. You will enjoy new music as well as light refreshments in an interesting and historic venue. Our guest artist will be music students from Eastern Washington university. This year’s composition students who study with Dr. Jonathan Middleton have written art songs and choral works for this Poetry to Music event, Poems in Sound. They will be joined by other musicians to perform these new pieces for you. We believe you will be inspired by their creativity and the stories behind their compositions.

GLOW Children Early Learning Center

The GLOW Children Early Learning Center is a non-profit childcare center established in 2019 to serve children infant through 12 years old. The mission of GLOW Children is to provide a safe and healthy early education program primarily for children whose parents attend Lumen High School. Their mission is also to address the important issues of poverty, trauma and equity particularly within vulnerable populations, such as teenaged parents.

Spokane Area Youth Choirs

Founded in 1987, the Spokane Area Youth Choirs (SAYChoirs) has had an impact on the artistic culture of Spokane for many years. In August 2022, the SAYChoirs held a summer choir camp for grades 2nd through 6th. This three day experience was attended by 40 students, recruited primarily through social media, and was free to all who registered. As the first camp since COVID-19, the experience gave the organization confidence that not only is this experience needed and valued, but hinted at the need to expand the offerings to serve more students.