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Grantee: Madeline McNeill

Project Title: Bodies in Conversation: A Play, Film, and Music Performance Addressing Mental Health and The Body
Year awarded: 2023, Round 2

Madeline has been performing in Spokane for ten years as a singer, composer, and director, producing original works with a variety of artists including dancers, musicians, actors, electronic music producers, digital artists, poets, and hip-hop artists. Her work often plays with unique spaces and addresses current issues, integrating different musical and artistic genres to tell the story.

Madeline created Bodies in Conversation to explore topics that touch on questions of what it means to be human, speaking on mental health and what it means to be a body in a time when body dissociation is becoming more commonplace. She invites performers and audiences to experience grounding voice and breath practice and investigate what it means to be human with compassion and curiosity.

Bodies in Conversation will be presented at Hamilton Studios (1427 West Dean Avenue Spokane) on Saturday, February 24th from 7:00 – 8:30pmĀ  as a multimedia event: a screening of a short art film, live music, and a new play. The play is a two-person dialogue with chant music. All parts of the show will bring attention to mental health by giving awareness to the body and human needs for connection. Madeline’s goal in this creation is to initiate conversation on how to move forward in healthy ways for ourselves and in community, and how the arts, particularly a communal experience of music and dialogue, can offer us structure.