Artists of Color

Rick Rivera AKA Coach Rick AKA Ricardo Ibarra-Rivera

Rick Rivera AKA Coach Rick AKA Ricardo Ibarra-Rivera is an Actor, Acting Coach, Life/Health/Business Coach and Creative residing in Spokane, WA. A first generation American, born to Guatemalan parents, Rick was born and raised in San Francisco. He discovered theatre in high school (St. Ignatius College Preparatory) and continued pursuing the art and craft of acting through Undergraduate (Santa Clara University) and Graduate (American Conservatory Theatre) degrees.

Trevon Walton

My name is Trevon Walton. I am an artist who has been spending my entire life finding ways to express myself and what I feel. I am a creative, finding love and passion in any and every medium that I touch, but I also find the ability to speak in a manner that can be difficult for me to do otherwise, it allows me to express myself in a raw, unfiltered manner. It also allows me to project part of me or my spirit into every thing I create, every detail of every painting, song, and body of work. My goal is to ultimately change the world, and give a platform for people like me, who may have been discouraged to be creative, and show them that being creative and expressive can ultimately heal in such a beautiful way. With these songs and these images, I tell you my story.

Event: August 18
Artists of Color Meetup

Creative Edge is an ongoing professional development series for artists hosted by Spokane Arts in collaboration with various community partners. Join us for an Artists of Color Meetup where we can connect, collaborate, and build relationships with other artists of color. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, musician, writer, or other type of creative, we invite you to join us! Light refreshments and beverages will be provided. This event is free but we do ask you to register in advance (form below).