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Grantee: Spokane United We Stand

Project Title: International Arts and Foodfest
Year awarded: 2023, Round 2

Spokane’s United We Stand is a community-based organization composed of volunteers from local descendants of Chinese and Japanese, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Eastern and Southeast Asian communities. Their mission is to use the arts to share about their history, traditions, culture, and experience in America.

SAGA is providing support to compensate cultural artists in United We Stand’s International Arts and Foodfest (IAF) and provide materials and arts business education for IAF participants. The workshop will include hands-on training for artists on getting a business license, complying with requirements of the health department and local government, copyrights, preparing a business plan to include taxes, preparing marketing materials, pricing their services/art, building a clientele, customer service, and tips on promoting their services, programs and products to include local events, online platforms and social media.

The free public event’s goal is to educate and showcase local cultural artists, artisans, and crafters and provide a networking opportunity with the general public. The International Arts and Foodfest will feature the traditional visual, culinary, performing and mixed media artists from the Afghani & Karen/ Burmese refugees along with immigrants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau migrants among others.