Round 3 of the 2019 Grant Cycle is now closed.

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You can get one-on-one training directly with our Grants Administrator, Shelly Wynecoop, to help you prepare your application for this round’s SAGA.

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Before applying, don’t forget to check our resources page for helpful tips, samples, and guidelines.

Application Portals are Currently Closed

Applications will be available again by January 1, 2020 for the February 1, 2020 deadline. At that time, please apply to SAGA through the portal that best describes you or your group:

Category 1: Individual Artist

Applications from individuals must be submitted by individual working artists, applying for a solo project.

Category 1 Application
Category 2: Small & Mid-Sized Group

Applications from small or mid-sized groups must be submitted by two or more artists working together, groups, organizations, or collectives.

Category 2 Application
Category 3: Large Nonprofit Organization

Applications from a large nonprofit organization must be submitted by 501c3 nonprofit organizations with annual budgets over $500K.

Category 3 Application


Email Shelly, our Grants Administrator
Phone: 509.321.9614