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The Chase Gallery Presents Oasis

Prepare to be transported to a realm of serenity and creativity as the Chase Gallery’s new art exhibit, Oasis, unveils a harmonious fusion of landscapes, mixed media, and interior design-inspired artworks. Curated to showcase the inherent beauty of landscapes, the dynamic allure of mixed media, and the captivating synergy with interior design aesthetics, Oasis presents an exceptional collection that speaks to both the eyes and the soul.

Event: August 18
Artists of Color Meetup

Creative Edge is an ongoing professional development series for artists hosted by Spokane Arts in collaboration with various community partners. Join us for an Artists of Color Meetup where we can connect, collaborate, and build relationships with other artists of color. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, musician, writer, or other type of creative, we invite you to join us! Light refreshments and beverages will be provided. This event is free but we do ask you to register in advance (form below).

Spokane City Council Approves New Motto, Collaborates with Spokane Arts for Logo Design

The Spokane City Council officially approved a new motto for the city, “In Spokane, We All Belong”

The process of selecting the motto involved collaborating with Spokane Arts to create an icon to pair with the motto. Spokane Arts contracted with local artists and designers, John Mujica and Derek Landers, to develop the icon and brand identity for the motto while incorporating the city’s official flag design.

The Chase Gallery Presents: Narratives on Display

Spokane Arts invites you to our newest exhibition featuring artworks from Becky Busi, Kassandra Eller, and Jill McFarlane, exploring the power of narrative through visual art. A groundbreaking art exhibition is set to enchant and inspire audiences as it showcases a diverse range of styles and techniques, all with the common objective of conveying narratives through the transformative power of visual art. Whether visitors are ardent art enthusiasts or simply appreciate the resonance of a well-told story, this exhibit promises to captivate and engage.

A Special Announcement from our Executive Director

It has been a joy and an honor to serve the region’s arts & culture community on behalf of Spokane Arts. I have made the tough decision to leave my role as executive director of Spokane Arts for a new challenge. I’ll remain with Spokane Arts through July 31, then pass the baton to a new director. The Spokane Arts governing board is conducting a national search, and I have full confidence they will find a fantastic, experienced leader to guide Spokane Arts forward.


We are thrilled to announce Stepwell, a sculpture by J. Meejin Yoon of Höweler + Yoon, located in Riverfront Park, north of the Providence Playscape is now open to the public! Stepwell is an interactive sculpture that uses a renewable resource (mass timber) as its primary material. Comprised of 68 individual pieces, each hand-carved and machined, all precisely engineered to fit together like a puzzle, Stepwell explores a new, more climate-conscious way to think about our built environment. Stepwell will invite the community to sit, climb, and enjoy the unique space it creates within the park. Visitors will move through the interior of the sculpture via an ADA pathway or climb its steps to experience an elevated view of the Spokane River.