SAGA Grants


Final Deadline for the Year: October 1, 2019, 11:59 p.m.

SAGA Grants at a Glance

  • Eligible requests for any amount up to and including $10,000 are accepted three times yearly, usually February 1, June 1, and October 1.
  • In 2019, SAGA is distributing ~$100,000 in funding, split equally between the three rounds of granting.
  • Please read the Guidelines, FAQs, and Application Instructions (below) for more information, and before you apply.
  • The funding period is for one year. Grants are non-renewable.
  • SAGA invites applications from artists, arts service organizations, large and small organizations and collectives, community-based arts programs and organizations, and culture and heritage groups.
  • Supported arts disciplines include but are not limited to visual, performing, literary, ear-oriented, media arts, and folk/traditional arts, and more.

2019 SAGA Grants Deadlines

Round 1: February 1, 2019 (11:59 pm). Awards announced April 1.
Round 2: June 1, 2019 (11:59 pm). Awards announced August 1.
Round 3: October 1, 2019 (11:59 pm). Awards announced in December TBD.

SAGA Grants


Email Shelly, our Grants Administrator
Phone: 509.321.9614


SAGA Grant Information

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions, Guidelines, and Application Instructions before you apply!

FAQs Guidelines Application Instructions

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History of SAGA

The SAGA grants program launched in January 2017. The program was initially made possible by community members and arts advocates, who spoke passionately in public forums and city council meetings regarding the need to increase the capacity of our arts economy.

Spokane has a unique cultural, artistic, and creative scene, and the city recognized that Spokane needs individual artists, organizations, and local businesses to stay and grow in order for our city to thrive.

Directing a stable funding source to be invested in local arts organizations and individual artists continues to make Spokane a more appealing place to live, work, and visit, and investing in the creative economy has already shown dividends. We look forward to sharing our grantees’ success stories with you!

The City of Spokane is so excited to see the launch of SAGA. We voted to approve this funding for Spokane Arts in early 2016 because we understand that a successful creative economy makes for a more successful Spokane!
— Ben Stuckart, City Council President

Statement of Equity

SAGA grants exist to bolster the work of all artists in Spokane by providing grant funding and other resources to artists, arts organizations, collectives, and heritage groups of all disciplines. We provide funding and resources regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, mental and physical status, or age. Ensuring artists of all backgrounds are included in our cultural narrative is central to having an accurate and fair depiction of who we are as a people.

SAGA Strategic Goals


We are excited to offer a richly detailed portrait of the projects and activities of our grantees.

The application process, the selection of projects to fund, and the unique stories of our applicants and grantees are important to share.


Ensuring that artists of many backgrounds are included in our cultural narrative is central to having an accurate, fair depiction of who we are as a people.

SAGA aims to contribute to the development of equitable and sustainable long-term partnerships.


We track data to help measure the impact of grant-making, and leverage the results to fuel advocacy. We use a holistic approach, utilizing our resources to help elevate our grantees.

This includes sharing their successes, failures, and risk-taking ventures.

SAGA Selection Panel Members

Every new granting year, SAGA seats a new selection panel of five to six individuals from the Spokane community, who review and determine awards for qualifying applications over the course of the year. The panel remains anonymous during the granting year, and is composed of one city arts commissioner, one member of the Spokane Arts governing board, and three or four members of the community with experience in the arts. With administrative oversight from the staff of Spokane Arts, funding allocations are made three times a year with award announcements made on April 1, August 1 and during the month of December. Together, they grant nearly $100,000 to artists, collectives, and arts organizations working in the Spokane region.


Selection panelists:

  • E.J. Iannelli (Arts Commission)
  • Cary Boyce (Spokane Public Radio)
  • Nathan Huston (Giant Nerd Books)
  • Randi Madison (Ammonite Ink)
  • Dean Davis (Spokane Arts governing board)
  • Rickey “Deekon” Jones (New Developed Nations).


Selection panelists:

  • Derrick “D.O.” Oliver, (etailz Inc.)
  • Kevin J. Twohig, (Spokane Public Facilities District)
  • Elizabeth Hooker (Spokane Downtown Partnership)
  • Shalon Parker, Ph.D., (Gonzaga University)
  • Shawn Vestal (The Spokesman Review)