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Rachel E Strauch

Rachel Strauch is an artist based in the Inland Northwest. Her work uses nature, the human body, and intense complimentary colors to depict themes of mental health, growth, and vulnerability. Strauch enjoys observing the world around her, taking experiences from her own life and others and turning them into art. Like observing, she enjoys teaching art, and worked as a teacher’s assistant in a drawing class at Whitworth University in January 2022. Strauch has recently exhibited her work at the Bryan Oliver Gallery and Cowles Auditorium at Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, and at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan. Find Strauch’s work on Instagram and TikTok and at

Event: Opens November 11
Spokane Fall Folk Festival

Bringing Global Cultures Together to Celebrate their Music, Dance, Stories, Food, and Crafts. Here’s a chance to travel the world and experience many different cultures in two days without leaving town. Immerse yourself in the global music and dance from every continent, stories handed down from generation to generation, and discover the diverse cultures present in the Inland Northwest. Since 1996 the Fall Folk Festival has featured hundreds of artists and cultural groups. If want to hear bagpipes performances close up, vibrate with the beat of drummers on Japanese drums, or learn traditional folk dances, this is your chance. And it’s FREE


Saxtooter is a non-binary, queer musician also known by Meg Vermilion. They blend classical motifs, the sounds of Electronica and the SUCCULENT SAX. Saxtooter is also influenced by ambient, jazz and metal and has been featured on 8 studio albums prior to releasing their first solo, self-produced album SUCCULENT SAX in April 2023. Meg is available to play your wrestling half-time shows, nature walks, sound baths, session recordings, spontaneous symphonies, rad parties and anything else you could imagine! Reach out to