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Grantee: HaveUHeard!?Live

Project Title: You Oughta Know Music Industry Panel Series
Year awarded: 2023, Round 2

HaveUHeard!?Live (HUH!?Live) is an artist management company founded by Spokane native, Ryker. HUH!?Live believes artists shouldn’t have to travel 1,000’s of miles to get the tools they need to succeed. The company promotes artists and entertainers by networking with industry professionals to give often overlooked communities greater access and more opportunities to grow as small businesses.

Spokane Arts is pleased to support HUH!?Live’s 2023-24 You Oughta Know music industry panel series. These workshops are provided to give the Spokane music community (as well as the entire Inland Northwest) access to the national conversation. You Oughta Know will feature five different panels on various aspects of the music and performing arts business and take place in Spokane’s Washington Cracker Barrel building through the Fall of 2023 and into the Spring of 2024. High profile executives, media experts, festival owners, and entertainment professionals from the Inland Northwest will share their firsthand experiences and advice with local creatives. Local artists will learn practical strategies for their work and expand their professional networks with industry insiders. The events will be free and open to all ages, and proactively encourage young artists to be more involved with the arts community.