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In 1981, the City of Spokane enacted its “% for Art” Ordinance mandating that 1% of certain capital construction costs be utilized to purchase artwork for enhancing public buildings and spaces. A primary function of Spokane Arts is coordinating the selection, placement and other planning and design factors of municipal art projects in accordance with the overall municipal arts plan.

In the past three decades, public art has been created for a variety of locations in the city on a voluntary basis.  The Spokane Public Facilities District, the Davenport Arts District, the City of Spokane Parks and Recreation Department, and the Spokane International Airport along with many private property owners and developers have made commitments to public art.



Located in Riverfront Park, Stepwell is an interactive sculpture comprised of 68 individual pieces precisely engineered to fit together like a puzzle. Stepwell explores a new, more climate-conscious way to think about our built environment.

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City Art

If our goal is to vivify Spokane with art, then it makes sense to use every surface. With sculptures, painted signal boxes, and other projects, our goal is to bring art out into the open where everyone in our city can enjoy it.

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The City of Spokane and Spokane Arts have made a commitment to revitalize and reimagine murals in downtown gateways as a placemaking measure and as a way to activate underutilized areas.

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Temporary Art

Art can change like the seasons, bringing different moods to Spokane throughout the year. Thanks to temporary art installations, we are constantly transforming the way we see and interact with our beautiful city.

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Art in Transit

Spokane Arts is partnering with STA to seek input from the community on how to add “identifying” elements to each Central City Line station to ensure each one feels welcoming, activated and reflective of the identity and history of the communities it serves.

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Art in Progress

Developing Spokane’s public art scene is a major part of our work at Spokane Arts. We are committed to exploring new opportunities to beautify our city in cooperation with local organizations and businesses.

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