Words of all types: writing, spoken word, storytelling and more! All genres welcome. Seek out a book club or writing group, mark your calendar for visiting authors, or find ways to tell your story live onstage. If you are specifically interested in poetry, check out our Poet Laureate page, too! 

Andrea Parrish

For as long as I can remember, I have not had a mind’s eye – the ability to visualize. This aphantasia has created an interesting relationship with visual art. For many years, I relied on photography to record and tell the story of what’s around me. However, after a hand surgery left me unable to use an SLR camera, I took a friend’s dare to pick up a paintbrush. The planets and starscapes that have emerged gnaw at the edges of my memory in a way that seem to tease with what is just beyond conscious reach. Since I am not able to visualize what I’m trying to paint, it’s a matter of just trusting what appears. These days, I work primarily in paint, though I occasionally still work with photography and the written word. You can see a little of everything I do at @tinytall on Instagram, or on my website.

Jansen Niccals

Hello! I grew up in Spokane and have been creating art in the PNW for over a decade. I work in a variety of mediums, traditionally; acrylic and watercolor painting, graphic design and illustration, character concept designs, and comic panels. I also dabble in digital illustrations and paintings.  Some of the things I love to create include fantasy-themed works like dragons and mythological creatures. I also illustrate animals, pets, and fantastic beasts. I create art because it is the one thing in my soul that is the loudest. When I am drawing or painting, I am free. My heart sings as it soars across a canvas. Each and every drawing I create is a look inside my head, and my imagination. I look forward to speaking with you and seeing the vision you have for the art that we both create together.

Matthew Weaver

Matthew Weaver is a Spokane, WA playwright, screenwriter, poet and writer. Full-length plays include BED RIDE, GLUTTONY AND LUST ARE FRIENDS, ACES ARE FEVERISH, TIMMY’S BIG KISS, JESUS AT 10, AWKWARD ROBOT’S INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR DATING OTHER AWKWARD ROBOTS, SPECIAL CHOW MEIN, THE BLUSHING GROOM and SHAMROCK SHAKE JONES IN THE CASE OF THE BONUS FLOUR BABY. Available to speak to students about writing and playwriting. Accepting commissions. Inquire via email or website.

Grace June

Whether it’s an art project, a head shot, or something in between, other people trusting me to photograph them and what is most important to them is something I consider sacred. I hope that comes through in my work. To check out my portfolio of commercial work and art projects, visit www.gracejune.art. My other platform with some art for purchase is: gracejuneimagery.shootproof.com. If you want more current happenings, my instagram is a good spot to connect, @gracemjune. You can support and follow my official business page on Facebook, Grace June Imagery.

Emma Noyes

Emma Noyes (Sinixt band of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation) is an artist, researcher, and educator living and working in Spokane, WA. Emma has continued the story telling traditions of her family by finding new ways to depict characters of chaptix’/coyote stories with an emphasis on coyote’s wife, mole woman. Drawing inspiration from both sides of her family, she incorporates her appreciation for Scandinavian art and design as a nod to her danish heritage. She mainly works in brush and ink and also creates digital work. She has kept a daily journal full of illustrations for over ten years. Her book, Baby Speaks Salish (2020), was published by Scabland books and is available on the publishers website. Emma’s artwork is created in a little studio in the home where she lives with her partner (Jake), daughter (Maren), and mostly-good dog (Ketchpen).