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Grantee: Melanie Hewitt

Project Title: "Grown Up’s First Alphabet:" An Adult’s Child Book
Year awarded: 2021, Round 2

Melanie Hewitt is an artist who creates books as a means of non-traditional storytelling, making viewers interact with her work in unusual ways. SAGA is proud to provide support for Hewitt’s new artist book, Grown Up’s First Alphabet.

Using a popular children’s book style, Hewitt’s new work forces perspective on adult topics and their true importance. The book will be realized in two formats: with 15 deluxe editions of a hand carved, wood block printed linen alphabet book set inside a handmade leather clamshell box, and as a digitally printed version of the original. The juxtaposition of the more professionally finished, adult-like cover of the book up against the child-like storybook style of the block prints will invite the audience to interact with adult themes through a child-like lens.