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Artist: Dj MoonShe/Her/Hers, They/Them/Their

Artistic Discipline: Visual, Words
Location: Cheney, WA

About the Art:

With art we become alchemists, with the ability to turn the mundane into magic. With a canvas or a piece of paper, we are able to create entire worlds completely separate from our own.
I find magic in duality: dark and light, tragedy and euphoria, sun and moon, weightlessness and heaviness. These ancient human distinctions shape our experiences daily.
My artwork evokes a sense of curiosity and awe in my viewers. I provide a beautiful poem with no words, full of the things we know best like human faces, peculiar plantlife, flowing water, delicate critters, and strong landscapes, and add a mystical and abstract interpretation. Then, through subjective focus, the viewer is able to open a door to spiritual insight.
By portraying a fantasy that feels familiar yet ethereal, my intention is to shed light on the contrast that is our internal reality. Our ability to feel so deeply and question our reality is the perplexity that makes us human, and I strive to conjure those deeper feelings in my audience.

About the Artist:

Dj Moon is an inquisitive, self-taught artist who practices in the Spokane area. She practices in a variety of mediums, including digital art, portraiture, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, and sculpture, but she particularly favors and excels in simply drawing with a pencil and paper. She has continued to refine her skills through various methods of education and self-learning.

She has shown her art at various local events and arts festivals, and self-published a book of poetry and prose that highlights several of her most favored artworks. She was a Spokane Scholar for the Fine Arts in 2012. Additionally, she has been commissioned for several works of varying mediums and projects, and has taught public and private painting classes to hundreds of curious creatives. In May 2021, she self-published her first book; a collection of poetry, prose, and art, relating to trauma and recovery, invoking a sense of hope and challenging the feelings of alienation that so many trauma survivors share.

Her incessant need to create is fueled by her desire to immerse in the perplexity of the human experience and share beauty and awe with others, and being a strong advocate for the importance of creative expression as a tool for healing and introspective growth. After receiving formal education in philosophy, psychology, and the arts, her passion for understanding the creative process grew exponentially and blossomed into the works she creates today.