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Star Belina Ryan Art and Design

Star is the owner of a small business located in Spokane, known as Star Belina Ryan Art and Design. With a degree in Fashion Arts and knowledge in Business and Graphic Design, she brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to her work. Her childhood love for drawing portraits and her immersion in nature have greatly influenced her artwork. Star is a multimedia artist, originally from a secluded island in Canada. Since 2009, she has been a dual citizen living in Spokane, Washington. 

Laura Kaschmitter

All my works, whether paintings or digital pieces, are begun with only the intention of letting happen what wants to happen and that I will do my best to help it be the best it can be. Sometimes I have a subject that I am thinking about but that typically tends to get in the way of the flow. I work mostly in acrylic and watercolor on canvas. I do enjoy the multi-media effects and love trying out new mediums and combinations to see what happens when one encounters another. I have always loved science and nature and am able to combine them within my art. If I receive any inspiration, it typically comes from my experiences in the outdoors, forests, or even my backyard garden. My pieces are for all age groups as they rarely have anything that is directly recognizable as an actual object. Although like the Rorschach test, people tend to see what they want to see.