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Event: October 6
The Gonzaga University Art Department – 2023 Regional Watercolor Invitational Exhibition – Opening Reception

Friday, October 6 – Saturday, December 9, 2023OPENING RECEPTION – Friday, October 6, 4-7 pmThe gallery is open to the public: Fridays 4 pm-7 pm and Saturdays 10 am-3 pm. Admission is free.The Gonzaga University Art Department and the Gonzaga University Urban Arts Center are pleased to present their 2023 Regional Watercolor Invitational Exhibition. This is a group exhibition curated by Tobe Harvey and featuring watercolor/water media works by: Megan Perkins, Kate Lund, Jen Seo, Megan Martens-Haworth, Justin Gibbens, Amalia Fisch, Kurt Madison, Beka Wilkins-Pepiton, Stan Miller, Karen Mobley, Tobe Harvey, Becky Busi, Lena Lopez-Schindler, and others.

Event: Opens October 1
Robbin Miller is Guest Artist @ Pottery Place Plus in Oct ’23!

Robbin Miller’s art is ultimately about emotion: joy through color. Her latest abstracts in oil and cold wax are heavily textured and incorporate more complex emotions waiting to be discovered by the viewer, with the hope that you’ll feel a bit “simpatico” with one of the pieces. You can meet Robbin at PPP’s First Friday on Oct 6th ~ you can see her outstanding work until Oct 29th at the gallery in the Historic Liberty Building @ 203 N. Washington St.

Event: Opens September 22
Exercises in Futility

Trackside Studio Ceramic Art Gallery invites you to meet the artist at a reception in her honor, Friday, September 22, 5 – 8 pm.

Cozette Phillips is a Spokane Falls Community College Fine Art Instructor and the Gallery Program Director. Her exhibit of mixed media sculpture and installation, incorporates dark humor as a defense mechanism and is a reflection / response on the affects of the climate crisis and the ongoing battle against climate change. It poses questions surrounding the marks left by human intervention. 


Gallery hours through the month of September are Wednesday through Friday, 11 AM – 5 PM.

This month long exhibit: Exercises in Futility” ends September 30

Event: Opens October 1

The Liberty Gallery features an exhibit of small works by artists of the River Ridge Association of Fine Arts (RRAFA) titled “The Big Little Show” this October, showcasing their creative energy in the wide variety of pieces, including oils, acrylic, watercolor, mixed medium, stained glass, and fiber arts. Stop by the mezzanine at the Historic Liberty Building to meet the artists at the First Friday receptions on Oct 6th!

Jane Sutherland-Farstrider

I work with a wide variety of media and enjoy finding creative ways to combine them; translating impressions from songs and stories on paper and canvas.
Acrylics, ink, and watercolor are among my favorites.

My work has taken many directions and evolved as much as I have over the years. Some of it is serious. A lot of it is whimsical. All of it is the product of an active imagination and a love of symbolism and storytelling. I take inspiration from dreams, memories, and the places my subconscious goes when I read and listen to music.

John Sebastian

John Sebastian was born in Long Island – New York. He was raised in a family infused by generations of artists and craftsmen. Luthiers, Carpenters, Draftsman,
Engineers, and Musicians. His father played a major role is his artistic career, a Korean war veteran, studio musician (guitar being his main instrument), mathematician and metallurgist by trade. In a very large family, John grew up spending holidays first listening to his uncles and father playing classic swing music and jazz and eventually taught himself how to play guitar and joining in. John brings music to his art in all its forms,

Jessica Jasper

After earning her Master’s degree in viola performance from the University of Minnesota in 2013, Jessica Jasper has lived in her home state of Washington. Since then, she has enjoyed being a freelance violist and violinist, chamber musician and music educator. She has been a tenured violist in the Spokane Symphony Orchestra since 2012, and a tenured violist with the Northwest Sinfonietta chamber orchestra since 2013. She also recently won the position of Assistant Principal viola of Yakima Symphony orchestra.

Gem Aragon

Gem is a 26 year old nonbinary digital artist living in Spokane, WA after growing up in Colorado. They picked up art during the pandemic in 2020 and have been self-teaching ever since, with a focus on Traditional and Neotraditional tattoo-concept art. Gem aspires to be a tattoo artist someday, but enjoys practicing by creating bold, unique concepts custom designed to individual requests in the meantime. Check out their art on Instagram @gem.ini.asis and, and email to contact!

Heather Woolery

Heather Woolery is an Idaho-based multi-media storyteller exploring the dichotomy of what it means to be a woman wearing the shoes of mother and wife all while navigating the social norms and injustices in the modern world.

Finding inspiration in cinema, literature, travel, and current and historical events which you will find echoes of throughout her work. All while playing with and manipulating various materials.

Heather is a 2015 BFA graduate of the University of Idaho and is a working photographer, artist, and author. She also teaches children’s art classes at the Moscow Contemporary.