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Grantee: Baharat Dance Company

Project Title: Arabian Market: A Festival!
Year awarded: 2023, Round 3

Baharat Dance Company was founded in 2004 by A’isha Azar, who goes by the name Deborah Majewski. The word “Baharat” means “spices” in Arabic; Baharat Dance Company is a quality entertainment company spiced with the flavors of the Middle East—and the only professional Middle Eastern dance company in the Inland Northwest region .The company’s mission is to bring dances, skits, music and other ethnic enjoyments from the Middle East and North Africa to a wide audience. From its founding, Baharat has brought authentic ethnic entertainment to universities, fairs, nightclubs, and private parties. 

The company will host an Arabian market in Spokane, like one would find in the big cities of the Middle East and North Africa, celebrating the Middle Eastern community in Spokane and elsewhere. The market would introduce the general Spokane public to the arts and cultures of Arabian regions by having food and goods from the Middle East available for sale through vendors, promoting visibility and supporting Arabian artists and makers. 

SAGA funding will contribute to the festival promotion and  provide compensation for the performers in the festival.