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Grantee: Ridgeline Band Boosters

Project Title: Providing consumable implements for the percussion students of Ridgeline High School
Year awarded: 2024, Round 1

Due to the nature of the art form, percussionists require constant upkeep on consumable equipment. With long hours of rehearsing, drumsticks and keyboard mallets wear down until they eventually unravel, snap, or lose function. The same thing happens to drum heads. Due to budget constraints, Ridgeline has kept plenty of equipment long after it should be kept, as is the case with many schools. This support from SAGA will allow Ridgeline to provide their percussion students with new consumables.

Guaranteeing the quality of equipment for their high schoolers would open the school up to play more often with younger students while not having to worry about the associated costs. Ridgeline hosted a middle school percussion camp in the summer of 2023, where young musicians came to learn from the Ridgeline Percussion staff and some current students. They plan to hold a similar camp in the summer of 2024, open to any Spokane area middle schooler—a tradition they would like to continue.