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Grantee: Devonte Pearson (T.S. The Solution)

Project Title: Purple In Spokane II
Year awarded: 2023, Round 3

Local musician Devonte Pearson (stage name T.S. The Solution) will create an six track EP that dives deep into his experiences, challenges, and triumphs while navigating Spokane, a city with its own distinct character and narratives. Called Purple In Spokane II, the production  is a three part endeavor: the production of a six track EP, educational workshops held by Pearson surrounding the release of the album, and a concert debuting the final product. With this project, he aims to reveal the thoughts of an artist who can’t always find himself at ease in the city. 

The project will also include music workshops throughout the production process for aspiring artists, held at Panoramic Dreams Recording Studio. The workshops will break down every aspect of the album in real time—from writing, recording, funding, and production to the roll-out, back-end paperwork, distribution, and release. The artists and musicians who participate will have a hand in making Purple In Spokane II a reality, culminating in a release concert open to the public. 

SAGA will fund every part of this project, including recording studio costs, musician compensation, equipment, production, distribution, venue rental, and community engagement and outreach.