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Grantee: Robert Charloe

Project Title: Well Traveled Trails
Year awarded: 2023, Round 3

Well Traveled Trails is a collaborative initiative between the Kalispel Tribe Culture and Arts Department and local photographer Robert Charloe. As a professional photographer for over two decades, and a member of the Kalispel Tribe, Charlie is uniquely situated to create a confluence of the Kalispel Tribe’s collective memory and contemporary narrative. Area Indian tribes remain largely invisible to the Spokane community despite being displaced while the city continues to grow around intertribal fishing sites.

The project will capture the rich narratives and expressive portraits of Kalispel tribal elders, crystallizing their stories and legacies. Each portrait of each tribal elder will offer visual insight into Kalispel culture and how it is woven into the past and present Spokane region. Well Traveled Trails will culminate in a public exhibit and an interpretive artist’s talk by Charloe on February 24th at the Spokane Community Building. A living account, Charloe will welcome the Spokane community into a mutual journey as he helps to unravel the Kalispel Tribe’s resilience and celebrate its future vitality. 

SAGA will compensate Charloe for his work interviewing and photographing elders, as well as fund the high quality printing and framing of the finished photographs and accompanying informative labels.