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Heather Woolery

Heather Woolery is an Idaho-based multi-media storyteller exploring the dichotomy of what it means to be a woman wearing the shoes of mother and wife all while navigating the social norms and injustices in the modern world.

Finding inspiration in cinema, literature, travel, and current and historical events which you will find echoes of throughout her work. All while playing with and manipulating various materials.

Heather is a 2015 BFA graduate of the University of Idaho and is a working photographer, artist, and author. She also teaches children’s art classes at the Moscow Contemporary.

Moeckel Studio

Contemporary portrait painters, Sonny and Lisa Moeckel, excel in the use of minimal color configurations and the art of transforming portraits into abstract realism paintings. Their unique collaborations evoke the mysterious and expressive nature of the human figure. Lisa has focused mainly on realistic portraiture, while Sonny’s artistic style is more abstract. She has expanded into oil painting in collaborations with Sonny. Born and raised on the reservation, Sonny (Jicarilla Apache and Navajo), had his first painting featured in The Heard Art Museum at age 13. Sonny has excelled in many different forms of art. They both attended Whitworth University. Since meeting his wife, Lisa, eight years ago, they have been collaborating on oil paintings, combining their realistic and abstract styles. They have been featured in many art shows, publications, and received awards together.

Tami Siriana

Tami Siriani has been a Spokane resident for over 14 years. She is a wife, mom of two, and a home educator. Tami picked up her first camera at age 14 and has been creating photographic “people” art professionally in the PNW since 2008. By the end of every session she is a dirty disheveled mess from laying on the ground trying to get just the right angle for the camera! She believes that clients deserve her very best and is constantly training, educating, and pushing herself. When she’s not behind the camera, she is running teens to activities or working with her husband, a local business owner on remodeling the family farm. You may find her talking to a stranger in the grocery store check out line or drinking a latte. Tami never runs from a challenge and enjoys learning new things.

Theresa Summit Arts

Theresa Summit is an acrylic, contemporary on canvas artist who strongly believes in spreading joy and positivity through her paintings. Her mission statement,”Spreading joy one painting at a time,”reflects her commitment to her craft and her desire to uplift others with her work. Theresa would love her paintings to be hung on as many walls possible so that her paintings can bring joy and inspiration to people everywhere. Her passion for art and her dedication to spreading joy are what makes her paintings truly special, and her mission statement is a testament to the impact that art can make on our lives.

Terri Griffin

Terri Griffin currently resides in Spokane. She has a BFA from the University of South Alabama in painting and printmaking.

Terri moved frequently to many locations throughout the United States as a military spouse. This experience informed her art, and her pieces explore themes of transition and the transitory nature of culture.

Both the medium and style Terri chooses are the beginning of a visual dialogue. She believes the beauty of art is in creating an image which transcends language and time. This fluidity allows art to stay relevant. It begins a conversation with a viewer that changes with perspective.

You can see what she’s up to on Instagram: and view her largest, most meaningful work of art:

Event: October 19
Artist Lecture: Tracy Petre Walker

Artist Tracy Petre Walker will discuss her artistic process and artwork from”Life and Time” on display at the SFCC Fine Art Gallery Sept. 21-Oct. 19. Tracy Petre Walker received her BA and MA from Central Washington University in 1995 and her MFA from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. She is currently a Professor at Columbia Basin College where she teaches painting, drawing, illustration, and art history. Her work explores societal concerns seen using symbolic imagery, vivid color, and complex composition. She has shown both regionally and nationally including solo shows in Wenatchee, Ellensburg, and Shoreline.

Event: September 21
Life and Time

Artist Tracy Petre Walker presents a body of artwork that explores universal themes seen within our society through the use of symbolism, archetypal imagery, and stereotyping. These topics examine daily life, current events and social concerns that are interpreted through the use of complex compositions, distorted imagery, and the layering of both space and meaning. “Life and Time” on view at the SFCC Fine Art Gallery through October 19, 2023.