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Madeline Goolie

“My art is a reflection of how I feel at the time I make the piece. I find myself putting a lot of emotion into the pieces rather than outwardly to others. I want viewers to find my work somewhat unsettling, humorous, and maybe even relatable. Over the years I have enjoyed sketching faces with exaggerated features that I like or do not like about myself. I have spent many years developing my moody art style and recently applied it to many different animals in my prints.”- MEG

Luu Melon

Luu Melon is a Mexican comic artist/writer based in the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in the Southside of Milwaukee, WI, Melon has been influenced by the urban landscape of their city and its diverse populations. Now as a Washington resident Luu aims to capture many more interesting perspectives in their work. Through an inclination of observation as a way to engage with others, Luu strives to create comics that are rooted in empathy and self-reflection. Major themes in their current work includes issues of identity, class, trauma, and childhood. Luu is currently working on their first graphic novel project, Gray Area, an explorative character study that explores themes of generational abuse and childhood trauma, and how these things can essentially flaw your own sense of self.

The Chase Gallery Presents: Narratives on Display

Spokane Arts invites you to our newest exhibition featuring artworks from Becky Busi, Kassandra Eller, and Jill McFarlane, exploring the power of narrative through visual art. A groundbreaking art exhibition is set to enchant and inspire audiences as it showcases a diverse range of styles and techniques, all with the common objective of conveying narratives through the transformative power of visual art. Whether visitors are ardent art enthusiasts or simply appreciate the resonance of a well-told story, this exhibit promises to captivate and engage.

Event: July 7
Nothing to be afraid of – Dan McCann | Opening Reception

This show reflects fears found in everyday life. As a child, I felt like I was afraid of everything. My worst fear was fear of the dark. I also did not have the best self esteem, and often felt that things were my fault and that I was in the wrong. This all relates to my art in the present time as an adult. My art often has an inward looking darkness to it. I see art in everything, especially found objects, including in the natural world. I describe my art as having arbitrary order, which to me means everything used in the final art piece comes together in some kind of order or thematic way.