Artist Roster

The Spokane Arts artist roster is a searchable tool designed to showcase local creatives and connect them with community members seeking artists and makers. Browse the entire roster to discover a new favorite artist or filter by the type of work you’re seeking. You’ll find samples of their work, a description of what drives them to create and links to check out their website or social media. Use the roster to discover the incredible talent living right here in our community. Please note: the artist roster is a free resource directory to find artists. Any local artist can add their information. The artists on the roster are not endorsed or represented by Spokane Arts. 

In order to foster a thriving creative community where artists can make a living doing their work, Spokane Arts believes in the importance of paying artists. Too often, creatives are asked to provide time, labor, materials, or finished work for free. While most of us wouldn’t ask an electrician, CPA or nurse to provide their professional services at no cost — knowing they trained and studied to gain expertise — artists are often asked to donate their services. Many artists and creatives do choose to donate their time to causes they care deeply about, but to make a living, doing work for free should be the exception, not the rule. We humbly ask you to keep this in mind when contacting creatives on the roster, and know that you can always ask an artist to give you a cost estimate or written proposal to review. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our staff; we’d be happy to help guide you. Contact

Are you an artist/maker/creative based in the Spokane region? Submit your information here to be added to the roster.

Lindsey Davis Johnson

Lindsey Davis Johnson uses art making as a tool of reckoning with experiences. Bringing the subconscious to tangible images results in a resolution of sorts. A dialogue occurs between artist and image while allowing the image to take the lead in informing and revealing hidden truths. This is the dance of making that fascinates and that brings Johnson to life. She is an Artist, Art Educator, Mother, Aunt and Friend from Spokane now living in Rathdrum, Idaho. Education includes MA.ArtEd, BFA.

Hara Allison

I’m an adventurous, award-winning photographer who is located in the Pacific Northwest, but am always available for worldwide travel. From a very early age, I had a camera with me. In high school, my dad bought an enlarger for me and all of the necessary equipment for a darkroom. I spent all of the money I earned working after school at The Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company buying paper, fix and squeegees. I loved watching the magic as the images slowly revealed themselves! Today, I’m just as excited to edit your images after our photoshoot, eager to see the magic we’ve created together. Whether I’m a third wheel on your wedding day, creating images for your business or capturing your sweet family, I’m doing it with passion and purpose and pouring my heart into our time together. My clients believe in my ability to tell their story. From that vulnerability and trust comes honest images that make them feel understood and confident.

Heat Speak

Heat Speak is an indie band led by singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Dario Ré. His impassioned poetics sung in English and French are supported by dynamic musicianship and intricate arrangements to create a unique blend of indie folk, chamber pop and world fusion. The project began as a trio in 2014 in Spokane, Washington. The group formally banded with a full line-up following their 2017 album, Aspen Artichoke (released under the eponymous band name Dario Ré). At the end of 2018, the group rebranded as Heat Speak in preparation for their 2020 album release, To Love Wind.

Dario Ré

Dario Ré has a multifaceted practice including painting, assemblage, installation, video, performance, sound and songwriting. He was born and raised in Spokane, Washington and completed an MA in Art History at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec and a BA at Fairhaven College in Bellingham, Washington with a self-designed interdisciplinary concentration titled, Visual and Natural Culture: Art & Ethnobotany. He is also a private music instructor and the lead singer-songwriter for the indie band, Heat Speak.