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Artist: Kolby DeagleHe/Him/His

Artistic Discipline: Visual
Location: Spokane, WA

I am based in Spokane, and work largely with watercolor, acrylic, and polymer clay to create 3D artwork. The Surrealist movement, the dramatic scenes of the Baroque period, and the colors and clouds of their Rococo successors have heavily influenced my aesthetic, as well as a childhood diorama obsession. A steady stream of sci-fi novels, historical nonfiction, and podcasts of all kinds fuel the conceptual underpinnings of each piece. As an artist I am interested in creating works that cannot be fully appreciated through a screen. I attempt this by layering individual elements in space so the viewer must move around the artwork to see details available from only certain angles. I also employ a consistent set of symbols and rules throughout my pieces. I am happy if my work resonates with anyone regardless of how you identify, although ultimately everything I make, I make in the hopes that it will be seen by other queer people, and that they in turn will feel seen. If you enjoy my art, would like to hear more about the ideas behind each piece, or you are interested in purchasing/commissioning artwork, please look me up on Instagram @art.of.kwd or reach out via email at . (Please make sure to note clearly in the email subject line that you are making inquiries about my artwork.)