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The Spokane Arts artist roster is a searchable tool designed to showcase local creatives and connect them with community members seeking artists and makers. Browse the entire roster to discover a new favorite artist or filter by the type of work you’re seeking. You’ll find samples of their work, a description of what drives them to create and links to check out their website or social media. Use the roster to discover the incredible talent living right here in our community. Please note: the artist roster is a free resource directory to find artists. Any local artist can add their information. The artists on the roster are not endorsed or represented by Spokane Arts. 

In order to foster a thriving creative community where artists can make a living doing their work, Spokane Arts believes in the importance of paying artists. Too often, creatives are asked to provide time, labor, materials, or finished work for free. While most of us wouldn’t ask an electrician, CPA or nurse to provide their professional services at no cost — knowing they trained and studied to gain expertise — artists are often asked to donate their services. Many artists and creatives do choose to donate their time to causes they care deeply about, but to make a living, doing work for free should be the exception, not the rule. We humbly ask you to keep this in mind when contacting creatives on the roster, and know that you can always ask an artist to give you a cost estimate or written proposal to review. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our staff; we’d be happy to help guide you. Contact

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Graffiti belongs to the streets. And I want to put more than just my name on a canvas. I like to control the destiny of the art I create. Characters, themes of music, love, food, hip-hop. I paint little slices of my imagination. My work has evolved to include unique, emotionally charged themes which are clearly influenced by the culture
that shaped me & made me into an ever-changing artist. I recently moved back to Spokane after being a traveling Chef for 3 years. Signed a lease on an amazing art studio & I’m ready to unpack & start becoming more involved in the community & always thriving Art scene here. I’m always available for the next adventure!!

Hasson Harris

Hasson Harris has been creating works in Fashion Photography , Baking, film, digital art and painting since 2007. Before relocating to the PNW area in 2017 from Los Angeles, he was an industry standard fashion photographer and stylist which lead him to open and head his own agency Slater Management. Once relocating to Spokane he dived into another passion of film making, writing and directing his first horror short Manic Macabre. Manic Macabre is now in pre production for a full length feature entitled Buck Eighty, continuing story. His work, heavily inspired by pop culture , 90s Nostalgia and Music. All these aesthetics shaped what he believes to be his signature style. Born in the Bronx Ny, and raised a military brat, he has always been surrounded by diversity which plays a very big part in his creative outlets for inspiration. He is never not creating without music. Tom Tom Club, Genius of Love being his personal theme, with Stacey Lattisaw’s Attack of the Name Game running close behind. He enjoys dabbling in all forms of creativity and its outlets for as he says “it’s just heartbeats for my monster.”

Courtney Castleman

I’m a digital artist with ADHD who specializes in hand-drawn illustrations, comics, and storyboarding! I occasionally do traditional acrylic paintings as well. I was born and raised in Spokane, my grandfather’s art career was one of the things that inspired me growing up. I’m trying to kickstart my art career as best as I can. Eventually, I’d like to be able to fully support myself with art as my career. In my free time outside of my current job, I am taking care of my Shiba Inu named Nyva! She’s a cutie, and sometimes a troublemaker haha!


Saxtooter is a non-binary, queer musician also known by Meg Vermilion. They blend classical motifs, the sounds of Electronica and the SUCCULENT SAX. Saxtooter is also influenced by ambient, jazz and metal and has been featured on 8 studio albums prior to releasing their first solo, self-produced album SUCCULENT SAX in April 2023. Meg is available to play your wrestling half-time shows, nature walks, sound baths, session recordings, spontaneous symphonies, rad parties and anything else you could imagine! Reach out to

Cecily Van Cleave

I write literary historical fiction, mostly set during the nineteenth century. My work explores how women might have experienced family, identity, displacement, love, and ambition. My novel Yewspring was independently published in 2023, and my writing has been published in the journal Persuasions, The Copperfield Review and online. I hold a M.A. in English Literature from Mercy College, where my culminating thesis on George Eliot and Elizabeth Gaskell was chosen as the program’s Thesis of the Year. I live in rural northeast Washington with my family.

Julia Gillette

BigFoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti all names for our fury Hide and go seek Friuend that lives amoung us in the PNW, but for many true Believers of bigFoot it is an Experience> Not only is BigFoot Mysterious but is very cultural and Native Americans in Washington State , the Sasquatch is very serious and very much a part of their culture for they are considered “The Watchers ” and “The Protectors of the Forest”, I wish to eventually have a Museum and a Cultural Interpretive Center to educate and to protect the Species. Eventually as our technology increases we will have identified and added Sasquatch to our list of Native Species …In Fact The Army Core of Engineers has already done so …There was a book put out by the Army Core of Engineers in the early 1970’s where the book listed 4 pages of Genius/ Species and Habitat of Sasquatch in Washington State, and guess what ? ..The residents/ taxpayers of Washington actually paid for the distribution of the book ” The Genius and Species of Washington State. Regardless many Native Americans and true belivers feel that Sasquatch is very Magical and has many capabilities that us humans may have but don’t use like telepathy for example. My artwork will express the roles and function of Sasquatch and its importance in the Natural World and Food Chain. The Artwork will also express the importance of light, and beautiful sinquences of the Natural World and a world “Before” Humans transformed our every day environment of concrete, paved roads, and destruction of our environment. Nothing Negetive will be portrayed, Only Beautiful , Postive Portrayls and Reflections of what Sasquatch sees “Through Their Eyes” , Some written words, some poetry, mixed media, Murals, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oils ect

Maria Georgescu

I have always been drawing ever since I was a kid. I would always bring my sketchbook with me everywhere I went. I always loved to use art as a way to express what was on my mind in a way that words could not articulate. I have grown to have a strong attachment with acrylic painting over the years and bringing an image to life on top of layer after layer of dried paint. Art is a journey I have learned to be significant in finding myself through exploring the blank pages of a sketchbook to the expanse of a canvas.