Artist Roster

The Spokane Arts artist roster is a searchable tool designed to showcase local creatives and connect them with community members seeking artists and makers. Browse the entire roster to discover a new favorite artist or filter by the type of work you’re seeking. You’ll find samples of their work, a description of what drives them to create and links to check out their website or social media. Use the roster to discover the incredible talent living right here in our community. Please note: the artist roster is a free resource directory to find artists. Any local artist can add their information. The artists on the roster are not endorsed or represented by Spokane Arts. 

In order to foster a thriving creative community where artists can make a living doing their work, Spokane Arts believes in the importance of paying artists. Too often, creatives are asked to provide time, labor, materials, or finished work for free. While most of us wouldn’t ask an electrician, CPA or nurse to provide their professional services at no cost — knowing they trained and studied to gain expertise — artists are often asked to donate their services. Many artists and creatives do choose to donate their time to causes they care deeply about, but to make a living, doing work for free should be the exception, not the rule. We humbly ask you to keep this in mind when contacting creatives on the roster, and know that you can always ask an artist to give you a cost estimate or written proposal to review. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our staff; we’d be happy to help guide you. Contact

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Vanessa Swenson

I am an artist, illustrator and designer that has worked on a wide range of creative projects throughout my hometown of Spokane. Exploring a variety of mediums in my artwork such as paint, paper, and pen and ink, I strive to create artworks inspired by the natural and botanical world of my Northwest home. In my spare time, I adventure outdoors as much as possible and manage a Christmas tree + flower farm with my husband and golden retriever in Green Bluff, WA.

Emma Noyes

Emma Noyes (Sinixt band of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation) is an artist, researcher, and educator living and working in Spokane, WA. Emma has continued the story telling traditions of her family by finding new ways to depict characters of chaptix’/coyote stories with an emphasis on coyote’s wife, mole woman. Drawing inspiration from both sides of her family, she incorporates her appreciation for Scandinavian art and design as a nod to her danish heritage. She mainly works in brush and ink and also creates digital work. She has kept a daily journal full of illustrations for over ten years. Her book, Baby Speaks Salish (2020), was published by Scabland books and is available on the publishers website. Emma’s artwork is created in a little studio in the home where she lives with her partner (Jake), daughter (Maren), and mostly-good dog (Ketchpen).

Keely Liles

Hi my name is Keely Liles and I am a freelance multi-disciplinary artist with emphasis in media and film production. My artistic endeavors have long centered around the question “how does art change the world?” Throughout years of study and practice I’ve come to understand that art as a noun, the object itself does not change anything. It is in the making of art, it is the people involved, it is the process, the ideas, and the community that comes from creating that makes the change. It is the art transformed from an inanimate object into an inspirational force that propels people forward. It is the tools in the hands of passionate people. I have found that this force ignites both the makers and the viewers and so I am inspired to create work that acts as a catalyst for change. I am a photographer by nature and a filmmaker by practice. I love learning and practicing all types of art and my breadth of artistic practice extends to writing, printmaking, painting, installations and animation.

Quindrey Davis-Murphy

Quindrey Davis is a skilled in both drum set and electronic composition. He excels in all aspects of drum set percussion performance. Since the age of 5, Quindrey Started his career performing with local church groups. By the age of 16, Quindrey went on his first tour.
Quindrey performs and teaches a vast vocabulary in drum set styles. He is a versatile percussionist and versatile in many drum set styles. He is comfortable in any genre or commercial music setting as a drum set player. He is also comfortable in a classical orchestral setting. He is a virtuoso drum set player, whether performing his own music, or that of other composers. In addition to these performance skills. Quindrey is an upcoming producer and composer.


Anji Marth was born in the early 1970s in coal country, then lived in Philadelphia in her teens. She later moved to the Pacific Northwest. She learned as a child, to paint and draw from her uncle, David Borghi, whose work can be found in the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. From him, she picked up creative freedom, and a willingness to try new things.

She has worked in a variety of mediums and passed through several stages of style and expression over the decades. Her tattoo work is known for its botanical and arboreal content. Other notable works include “Spider Monkey”, (2013) an assemblage, “Neanderthal Toothache”, (2005) a gestural oil portrait, and “Picking Season Ends”, (2011) a landscape in oil. Her current works are large-scale watercolor, abstract pieces referring to the pandemic.