Artist Roster

The Spokane Arts artist roster is a searchable tool designed to showcase local creatives and connect them with community members seeking artists and makers. Browse the entire roster to discover a new favorite artist or filter by the type of work you’re seeking. You’ll find samples of their work, a description of what drives them to create and links to check out their website or social media. Use the roster to discover the incredible talent living right here in our community. Please note: the artist roster is a free resource directory to find artists. Any local artist can add their information. The artists on the roster are not endorsed or represented by Spokane Arts. 

In order to foster a thriving creative community where artists can make a living doing their work, Spokane Arts believes in the importance of paying artists. Too often, creatives are asked to provide time, labor, materials, or finished work for free. While most of us wouldn’t ask an electrician, CPA or nurse to provide their professional services at no cost — knowing they trained and studied to gain expertise — artists are often asked to donate their services. Many artists and creatives do choose to donate their time to causes they care deeply about, but to make a living, doing work for free should be the exception, not the rule. We humbly ask you to keep this in mind when contacting creatives on the roster, and know that you can always ask an artist to give you a cost estimate or written proposal to review. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our staff; we’d be happy to help guide you. Contact

Are you an artist/maker/creative based in the Spokane region? Submit your information here to be added to the roster.

Marie Noorani

My focus is on the complexities and intricacies created as paper is transformed through inelegant, forceful manipulation. The scale of my work is an invitation to intimacy, permission for the observer to closely examine the exquisite scars born from the forces that played upon the paper. The color, texture, construction, and composition of each piece tells that paper’s individual story. I want observers to acknowledge the brutal beauty of that story, seeing not just the paper’s innate vulnerability but its noble defiance. The end goal is not for my pieces to elicit mere appreciation for the awkward loveliness of the paper’s damaged imperfection, but instill real empathy for it’s inherent power and dignity, and by extension, the power and dignity of our frail human imperfection.

Grace June

Whether it’s an art project, a head shot, or something in between, other people trusting me to photograph them and what is most important to them is something I consider sacred. I hope that comes through in my work. To check out my portfolio of commercial work and art projects, visit My other platform with some art for purchase is: If you want more current happenings, my instagram is a good spot to connect, @gracemjune. You can support and follow my official business page on Facebook, Grace June Imagery.

Clarin McDerrah

Clarin is a lifestyle and portrait photographer specializing in creatively and artistically capturing your most authentic self. Clarin describes her style as “Artistic Documentarian”. When it comes to your brand, she takes on the role of Creative Director and helps bring your vision to life with an artistic eye. When it comes to your wedding day, she enjoys stepping back and capturing the real moment that is unfolding, but is quick to jump in and grab opportunities to capture moments in a creative way. Inspired by the fleeting flickering of light, texture, and those subtle things that make each of us, us. She is dedicated to creating a space where all love is celebrated and all humans are honored. Clarin is also the owner/operator of THE NOW NOW space, a natural light creative studio in downtown Spokane.

Emily Westman

Born inside a piano, Emily Westman has gone on to become a multifaceted musician with expansive skills. Any given day, she can be found performing as a percussionist with the symphony, playing drums in the musical theater pit, playing drums and singing with her band, SISTERS, teaching music lessons to all ages, orchestrating symphonic music, producing rock tunes in her studio, or playing piano for the elderly. Having played piano since the age of 2 followed by drums, guitar, bass and percussion, Emily went on to study at a performing arts high school followed by classical composition and orchestration at the University of Miami. Since then she has spent the last decade performing in hundreds of halls, genres, bands and countries. A consummate songwriter and composer, Emily has put out 2 full length studio albums with her band, SISTERS, that are available on all platforms. She hopes to instill the same fire she feels for music with everyone she encounters and would love to help kids (and adults alike) seek that flame within themselves.

Toby Keough

I am a local artist who specializes in large-scale muraling, featuring floral and botanical pieces.  I find that in life I must always be content with what I have while working for what I want. My journey has been one of striking a balance between artist and mother. I have learned that there are times for contemplation and times to create. One constant pulse has pulled me toward my true passion, painting. Creating large-scale impact and transforming small spaces with just a simple paintbrush and vision have kept me centered.