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Opportunity: Spokane Seen and Celebrated

Aritistic Discipline: Visual

VOA welcomes and serves all groups of individuals who represent various backgrounds. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion as individuals, as an organization, and as we represent these values throughout the community. We commit to serve and advocate for a culture that promotes social justice, cultural humility, and unbiased competency for all.

Objective: We seek artists to create a welcoming and inviting entrance to our current Crosswalk building, visually honoring various backgrounds and lifestyles. The goal of this project is to reach the community in creative and thoughtful ways, while focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Background: VOA is committed to celebrating and honoring each unique and diverse staff member and people we serve; each person brings varied and important experiences to the table. We have the responsibility to develop a safe space that promotes dialogue, engagement, social justice, and cultural change in our community. We are committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination and equitable treatment throughout Volunteers of America of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

Scope of Work: The metal, mural type art (which contains negative space), approximately 4X8 will be displayed outside, ground level at Crosswalk, 525 W Second, Spokane WA. The art piece should honor the culture, ethnicity, and inclusion of our community and those we serve.

A rough sketch of your plan or idea is required and can include past or current work. Artist Statement should also be included as an explanation of your style. When writing, please consider your audience, the materials and medium, your own personal perspective, racial and social justice, cultural change, and social responsibility.

Please include your estimated cost, including supplies, to finish the project. Upon award, 50% of project award will be available within 3 months, with the remainder upon completion.

The deadline to submit your statement and sketch to be considered by January 15, 2021. Please submit statement and sketch, and/or any questions to:

Expires: January 15, 2021