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Opportunity: Liberty Lake Together Community Statue Installation

Aritistic Discipline: Visual

The Liberty Lake Parks and Arts Commission is accepting submissions for the installation of a statue of the artist’s interpretation of ‘person’ in the Liberty Lake Together logo, to be installed in Liberty Lake. Below are pictures of the Liberty Lake logo for artist reference:

As our community adjusted to life amid a global pandemic, one clear take away was that our community stepped up to help those in need and was stronger together. The Parks & Arts Commission would like to build off of that momentum using the Liberty Lake Together logo to represent this time and togetherness in our community. The statue should embody the ’person’ in the logo. It may be abstract, but identifiable. The artist shall recommend the medium and installation requirements.


This project is open to all professional and amateur artists and other creative individuals and groups.


Public art can promote a sense of community and offer a unique identity for the City of Liberty Lake. It turns ordinary spaces into community landmarks and helps to enrich the quality of life in Liberty Lake. The statues will be installed in public spaces and artist should plan for the statues being interacted with.

Sculptures shall be safe, appropriate for all audiences and durable. All submitted works shall be constructed from materials that withstand constant exposure to weather elements and temperature variances typical of the area. The works will be displayed in an unprotected public forum, so all submitted works shall be structurally sound enough to withstand handling, touching, and possible physical stress. The statue(s) should be ‘life size’, are intended to be interactive, and suitable for photo opportunities. All sculptures shall be in ‘intended condition’ when delivered. Where applicable, material shall be sealed, repainted, or other appropriate measures taken to protect the structure surface.


Sculptures shall be delivered with a steel (preferred) or stainless steel base on the bottom, a minimum of half inch (1/2”) larger than the sculpture at the base. This will allow for welding the sculpture(s) to a pedestal for a more secure installation. Other installation methods may be recommended by the artist.


Artists are invited to submit up to four (4) files for consideration. Artists may submit photos and/or sketches of the proposed piece.

The submitted artwork may be a new or existing piece created by the artists. Submitted designs must be original works of the artist and in compliance with all existing copyright laws. Due to the public nature of the project, artwork shall not contain advertising, religious art, sexual, violent or other content unsuitable for all ages and cannot convey political partisanship.

The Liberty Lake Parks and Arts Commission selection criteria will include, but not be limited to: artist quality, content, and diversity.

File Submission

Artist shall include the artist statement detailed in this document with submissions. Each submission shall include the following information:

Piece Title



Physical Dimensions (width, depth, height, and weight)

Image Title: All submissions shall be titled. File format shall be as follows: lastname.firstname.title

Submissions should be uploaded to the following Dropbox following the file naming parameters detailed in this document. Artists may submit up to four (4) designs for consideration.

City/Region: Liberty Lake, WA
Expires: March 31, 2021