Curious what’s happening in arts and culture? Read all about it. Here you’ll find announcements of new calls for artists, grant awards, photos of public art installations, links to local media coverage of creatives and the creative economy, plus relevant regional and national news related to arts and culture.

Monument removal recommended by Citizens’ Advisory Council

Spokane Arts stands with the Pacific Islander community in asking the city to remove this statue. Removing it would be one step toward correcting inaccurate history and toward healing the communities harmed. This monument was donated to the city of Spokane in 1906, commissioned by a wealthy family. The pediment of the statue perpetuates racist stereotypes in both text and imagery, and is a source of ongoing harm not only to Samoans and the broader Pacific Islander community, but to all Indigenous peoples who have been denigrated with the same racist stereotypes found on the monument. The statue should be removed.

Installation underway on new Spokane Arts programs for aspiring muralists!

Spokane Arts created three new mural programs this year to increase opportunities for less experienced
artists to connect with public art projects, learn from experienced muralists, and gain valuable skills.
Installation is underway now on a variety of these projects, putting local artists to work on murals large
and small. Mural apprentices are working alongside experienced muralists on large scale court mural
projects, and a mural workshop and mini-mural projects are creating first mural opportunities for a wide
range of artists.

Spokane Public Library selects art for permanent collection

The Library commissioned three sculptures and purchased portable artwork for new libraries in accordance with the City of Spokane’s public art policy, requiring one percent of the construction budget be dedicated to public art. The artwork is one component of a much larger project, a $77 million, voter-approved bond to remodel four existing libraries and build three new ones. In commissioning artwork, Spokane Public Library aims to create a friendly, engaging atmosphere for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Each sculpture is site-specific, meaning it was designed specifically for the Library location where it will be installed, using input from the Library staff and board members, building architects, construction team, city arts commissioners, and more.

In the Neighborhood poetry film

Celebrating National Poetry Month through poetry from local community members! In honor of National Poetry Month (happening now), Spokane Arts commissioned a short video featuring eight community members reading their poems from the “In the Neighborhood” project. “In the Neighborhood” is a community-based project created by Spokane Poet Laureate Chris Cook and Spokane Arts to collect and share poetry exploring Spokane neighborhoods. Written by area residents past and present, of all ages and experience levels, the poems here each showcase unique perspectives on our city. Together they do one magical thing: share the many stories of our neighborhoods! All the poems shared by community members to date can be found at, and for those who haven’t had a chance to participate yet, there’s a link on the website to share a poem.

Spokane Arts grants Operational Support Grants to local cultural organizations

Spokane Arts was able to fund five cultural organizations with a dispensation from the City of Spokane earmarked for the support of cultural groups. This set of grants was awarded by a separate selection panel, composed of Spokane Arts Commissioners, who made their choices independently from the SAGA process. These five organizations have received grants to support their general operations and events in 2021-22.