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Spokane Arts grants Operational Support Grants to local cultural organizations

April 1, 2021

In addition to this year’s SAGA Round 1 grant winners, which you can learn more about here, Spokane Arts was able to grant five cultural organizations with funding from the City of Spokane earmarked for the support of cultural groups. This set of grants was awarded by a separate selection panel, composed of Spokane Arts Commissioners, who made their choices independently from the SAGA process. Applications from cultural groups were accepted in the fall of 2020 and all cultural organizations applying to SAGA Round 3 of 2020 were also considered for support from this fund.These five organizations have received grants to support their general operations and events in 2021-22. Learn about each of the grantees below:

GRANTEE: Impanda

SUMMARY: Impanda is a 501c3 nonprofit organization originally formed in 2015 with a vision to serve at-risk youth in Rwanda with a center for music and art therapy. Their work in Spokane brings healing to at-risk youth and marginalized communities through music and art programs. Their facility, called Impanda Music Studios, is a recording studio and gathering space where youth and community residents can create music and art with a mission to transform pain into purpose. Impanda Music Studios also serves as a hub for partnering with allied community organizations and contributing to the goals outlined collaboratively in the 5th Avenue Community Strategy prepared in partnership by the City of Spokane Neighborhood and Planning Service and 5th Avenue initiative stakeholders.

Learn more about Impanda here:


GRANTEE: Hispanic Business Professional Association

SUMMARY: The HBPA has been serving the Latinx community for over two decades in Spokane. They have held public Día de Los Muertos celebrations for the past six years, and they have been growing in size and popularity. The HBPA also participates in local cultural events such as Unity in the Community, Northwest Winterfest, and collaborates with libraries to mount educational exhibitions during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Learn more about the HBPA here:


GRANTEE: German American Society of Spokane

SUMMARY: The German American Society of Spokane may be best known locally for its Oktoberfest and Pioneer Day events. These events provide a stage for local musical groups, dancers and performing artists in the service of education and awareness for German cultural traditions. Through storytelling, the German American Society also highlights the accomplishments of German Americans in Spokane & Washington State.

The German American Society’s website is here: https://germanamericansociety-


GRANTEE: Spokane Area Council of Square Dancers

SUMMARY: The Spokane Area Council of Square Dancers is preparing to start dancing again, once pandemic restrictions allow. The group wants to invite the larger community to come out and dance! Getting more people involved in square dancing will give them an opportunity to interact with all types of people from the community. Newcomers will meet people that they would have never encountered in their daily lives. “Dance in a square — make a circle of friends.”

Learn more at


GRANTEE: Northwest Winterfest

SUMMARY: Northwest Winterfest has worked hard to provide a multi-cultural holiday event worthy of the many cultures that call this region home. With so many cultural events having been canceled, postponed, or moved to virtual versions, Northwest Winterfest hopes to use its covid-friendly venue to give us a way to celebrate by the end of the year.

Learn more about Northwest Winterfest at