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Grantee: Terrain

Project Title: Window Dressings
Year awarded: 2017, Round 1

The SAGA funds helped Terrain continue the programmatic work to transform Spokane into an economically diverse, stronger, and more vibrant city. The grant specifically supported Window Dressing’s two strategies, which are known as Artscapes and Creative Enterprise.

Artscapes: Window Dressing develops relationships with local property owners and unites their empty storefronts with locally created artworks. Blocks that once resembled ghost towns come alive with vibrant, engaging works that enthrall passersby, displace vandalism, and attract businesses to the neighborhood (often into the very spaces that once displayed an artscape).

Creative Enterprise: Currently with a cohort of 14 artistic businesses who were selected in the summer of 2016. Each Enterprise received intensive business training jointly carried out by Avista’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Window Dressing coach them as we sleuth out the perfect space for the businesses that will be placed in a bricks-and-mortar storefront, and are currently curated into a Pop Up Shop storefront.


Terrain Programs used SAGA funds to help Window Dressing sustain Artscapes locations and phase in a second Creative Enterprise cohort. During the application process, they clearly identified a long-term strategy with markers to make Window Dressings successful. The projects they’ve requested support for impacted not only their organization, but benefited many artists who have participated in those two programs, in addition to impacting the wider community of any Spokane resident who encounters the ArtScapes in Spokane storefronts. Window Dressings has made a significant impact on Spokane in a short amount of time, and with SAGA funds, it has the potential to do even more.