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Grantee: Millwood Print Works

Project Title: Community Print Shop
Year awarded: 2017, Round 1

Bethany Taylor, Derek Landers, and Thom Caraway of Millwood Print Works have provided Spokane with a community print shop specializing in letterpress and screenprinting. The facility will include presses/equipment, knowledgeable teachers, opportunities to print and attend classes and studio space to work. Many Spokane residents learn to print or want to but have no venue in which to either continue to grow as an artist or begin the journey. As Spokane continues to grow and cultivate its arts community, it becomes essential to have knowledgeable leaders and ample facilities in the print media.


SAGA funding jump-started Millwoood Print Works and all of their efforts toward opening. In addition, this grant helped the procurement of equipment necessary to offer the first classes. The opening of a letterpress print shop is resource-intensive, not just in the equipment, but in all of the supplies (large quantities of paper and specialized ink, typesets and cases to hold them, etc.) needed to provide the programming they’ll offer. After the procurement of materials, the public is encouraged to participate in many education opportunities, by taking classes with Millwood and learning how to do for themselves. Millwood has also tried to provide access to the equipment and material necessary for letterpress or serigraphic production by other arts organizations.

Meet the Millworks Team