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Grantee: Stage Left Theater

Project Title: Live-Streamed Productions & Festivals During Shutdown
Year awarded: 2020, Round 3

In 2020’s pandemic climate, Stage Left Theater continues to seek new ways to create art as they shift to creating content while adhering to safety protocols and mandates. This requires reimagining what “live theater” looks like. With small successes under their belt in the realm of online streaming, the theater has decided it is time to create full productions using new technologies. While Stage Left Theater’s hope is to return to live productions in the Fall of 2021, with SAGA’s support, they will create live, online productions that fulfill their mission statement of serving marginalized communities in the Spokane region.

As many local businesses are discovering, moving to life-streaming will not only expand their reach locally, but it will enable a national presence in the online arena of storytelling.