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Grantee: Neato Burrito

Project Title: Neato Burrito Live Stream Concerts
Year awarded: 2020, Round 3

Neato Burrito is receiving SAGA funding to support a live-streaming service for local and regional talent. Neato Burrito and Baby Bar have been a staple in the Spokane music and arts community for 17 years. Neato Burrito’s reputation for showcasing underground art and music has created a tight-knit community which has always gone the distance to support the scene. SAGA’s support will help keep that community together, while providing an outlet for local talent that solves not only the current issues under covid, but expands Neato’s audience post-pandemic, reinforcing Spokane as a regional landmark for the arts community.

With the help of SAGA, Neato Burrito wants to inspire and influence the community by bringing artistic expression back into the public’s routine.