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Grantee: Spokane Zine Fest

Project Title: Zine Fest
Year awarded: 2017, Round 2

The Spokane Zine Fest will be a one-day public event celebrating zines, small press books, comics, drawings, prints, cards, and other small paper media DIY items. The event will be minimally curated to include as many participants as possible while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and ensuring a focus on paper-based work. The event will be aimed at energizing and bringing visibility to the Spokane zine/DIY community. Chelsea Martin wrote: “Our hope is that this inspires local artists to continue making and sharing their work long past this event, and to encourage a more vibrant and active zine/DIY community.”


Zine Fest is a new project and SAGA is thrilled to support its first event. Funding will support the creation of the event, outreach to artists to submit their work, and the marketing. “In accordance with the DIY spirit, we plan to create this event on a shoestring budget, doing as much as possible ourselves. SAGA funds will be used to rent a venue that suits the Spokane Zine Fest, promote the event to participants and attendees, and to buy the supplies necessary for a fun and memorable event.”