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Grantee: South Asia Cultural Association of Spokane (SACA)

Project Title: 3 Events : Two Evenings of Jugalbandhi; One Evening of Duality
Year awarded: 2017, Round 2

The South Asia Cultural Association of Spokane is proud to present three rare cultural and musical art performance for the Greater Spokane Area. Jugalbandhi on June 2nd and Oct 7th. The artists who performed are classically trained in very distinct and ancient traditions of South Asian music: Carnatic music from South India and Hindustani music from North India. Their respective instruments, the tabla drums, mrindagam drum, veena (string) and sitar (string), are all traditional acoustic instruments with a rich history in the Indian Subcontinent. The third event will be Duality (Dance Drama) in October, which reflects an Indian immigrant woman’s experience in US, involving the classical dances of India, Chau and Bharatha Natyam classical dance forms and folk dance styles, and Bollywood.


SAGA funding helped bring several Indian artists to Spokane, who presented a divine, meditative, and transcendental experience that has been passed down for generations. The Director of SACA, Sreedharani Nandagopal, wrote in her grant application: “These artists deliver passionate, imaginative, impromptu performances that move audiences, spark the imagination and create a sense of awe and wonder among the audience.” These events entertained and educated the citizenry of Spokane and the outlying areas about the rich heritage, traditions and cultures of South Asia, specifically Indian sub-continent, thus bringing diversity of cultures in to the Spokane area.