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Grantee: Spokane Public Radio

Project Title: Radio Play Co-Lab
Year awarded: 2023, Round 1

Founded in 2022, Radio Play Co-Lab is a collaboration between Spokane Public Radio’s E.J. Iannelli, Juan Mas of Purple Crayon Pictures, and Scott Doughty and Dahveed Bullis of Spokane Playwrights Laboratory. This new alliance aims to produce high-quality, audio-centric, story-driven broadcast radio which involves and showcases local talent in every step of creation and presentation.

In part due to the growing popularity of dramatic and fictional podcasts, the joint initiative successfully produced and broadcast two radio dramas on Spokane Public Radio in December of 2022, titled Brothers Before and Con-Science. To the team behind it, this milestone was a necessary proof of concept. Not only did it show that it was possible to develop well-received local radio plays, it gave the team direct, detailed knowledge of the steps and resources that were involved. 

Now in the new year, the team behind Radio Play Co-Lab will build on the success they achieved. SAGA funding will directly go towards providing the artists and professionals involved with an honorarium for their time and talents, in addition to helping the cast and crew with resources and outreach costs. SAGA funding will help the Radio Play Co-Lab program establish itself by attracting and supporting more local talent. Ultimately, this more solid foundation will open doors to securing additional funding and underwriters in coming years.

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