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Grantee: Spokane Area Youth Choirs

Project Title: Summer Choir Camp

Founded in 1987, the Spokane Area Youth Choirs (SAYChoirs) has had an impact on the artistic culture of Spokane for many years. In August 2022, the SAYChoirs held a summer choir camp for grades 2nd through 6th. This three-day experience was attended by 40 students, recruited primarily through social media, and was free to all who registered. As the first camp since COVID-19, the experience gave the organization confidence that not only is this experience needed and valued, but hinted at the need to expand the offerings to serve more students. 

Building on the success of the previous year, in 2023, the Summer Choir Camp will be an opportunity to introduce young people to the power of their own voice and to the amplification of that power when they join together with others. The camp has the potential to bring awareness to students and their families of the musical opportunities available in Spokane and encourage them to seek out further music education in the community.

SAGA funding will support this four-day summer choir camp for all students grades 2nd through 6th by helping make these camps free to the general public, covering all facility rental, staffing, materials, and advertising.

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