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Grantee: Spark Central

Project Title: Girls Rock Lab
Year awarded: 2019, Round 1

With SAGA support Spark Central will be offering its 5th year of “Girls Rock Lab” in Spokane. Girls Rock Lab is designed to help girls who have never picked up an instrument find their inner rock star in a fun, safe space with other girls just like them. Facilitated by talented female or female-identifying volunteer musicians, Girls Rock Lab provides a space for girls to learn about music, experiment with new instruments, form bands, and write their own songs. Girls Rock culminates in a live concert where each all-girl band performs on-stage. After the girls play, local female bands perform throughout the evening, modeling for girls that they can become powerful musicians, too. To keep the girls engaged after their one-week intensive camp and to allow more girls to participate in this empowering arts program, Spark Central also convenes quarterly jam sessions. Forty girls participate each year at the Spokane Public Library Downtown.

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