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Grantee: Slothberg Productions

Project Title: The Garageland Chronicles
Year awarded: 2017, Round 3

The Garageland Chronicles was the brain child of film producer, Shaun Springer. It is a collection of short stories that encompasses many Spokane local artists, story tellers, writers, filmmakers, and actors while using a local hangout as its central hub: Garageland.

The Garageland Chronicles was created as a feature length film, written, produced and filmed entirely in Spokane. Although the film was steered by Shaun Springer, the entire crew consisted of local filmmakers, and cast/crew were all Spokane residents.

The film was completed by January 2018. The initial screening locally for cast/crew/family and friends was in November 2017.  Film Festivals and events were between October 2017 and July 2018, and possibly beyond.


The Garageland Chronicles film celebrates our diverse community and all of the artists employed by one film.  The community, region, state and entire world can enjoy the collection of artists Spokane has to offer.

SAGA funding was used to complete post-production of the full length feature film to the highest industry quality and standards. Shaun wrote, “I will be able to employ even more local Spokane artists and filmmakers to polish this local gem into a regionally, and even nationally recognized collection of art. These local specialists are matching in kind donations and greatly reducing their normal fees to also assist in the completion of this incredible film.”