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Grantee: Daniel Kytonen

Project Title: Spokane Public Library Temporary Monotype Site-specific Installation
Year awarded: 2017, Round 3

Daniel Kytonen is a visual artist whose current body of work is producing large monotypes. With these works he is investigating the in-between world of meaning and experience, which is connected to his life and the learning disabilities that are a part of who he is.

Like many people, learning differences have left Daniel with a gap between information and understanding, but instead of making differences become a detriment, his challenges have become his strength by being able to pull disparate ideas and objects together to show their connectedness. β€œI often find myself existing in, discovering, and searching out this in-between space, drawing influence from many artists from different cultures. Exploring the gap is what makes life meaningful for me, and as I search I find things inside myself that I hope connect to humanity.”


The SAGA grant allowed Daniel Kytonen to make work that is site-specific for the Spokane Public Library that was on display starting February 2018. Daniel wrote in his application, β€œIn addition to helping fund this specific project, the SAGA grant would help me gain traction as an emerging artist in continuing to share my work with the larger Spokane community. Having the chance to have work displayed during Spokane’s arts month would continue to bolster an already exciting time for the arts in the city, adding work that is thoughtfully engaging with the global contemporary art community.”

Daniel's Work