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Grantee: Skyler Oberst

Project Title: Thoughts and Prayers
Year awarded: 2020, Round 3

Whether it’s a conversation about perseverance on a run with the 90-year-old Sister Madonna Buder (Nike’s Iron Nun and Spokane Citizen Hall of Fame inductee), talking about protein shakes in the ring with an Imam during boxing practice, or discussing climate change and escaping social media on a hike with a Buddhist nun… the streaming series, Thoughts and Prayers, will highlight meandering, silly, and sometimes deep conversations with community leaders.

Skyler Oberst’s new streaming series will feature young interviewers engaging diverse faith and cultural leaders to reintroduce their wisdom in a casual way to younger generations. Similar to popular streaming series formats like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Oberst will showcase leaders in an off-the-clock way, centering on a hobby or interest that will anchor the interview and provide a humanizing context for each episode.

With SAGA support, Oberst and his team will film, edit, and promote three pilot episodes of the series to jumpstart a sustainable video production project that employs local talent and crew to facilitate community building and civic-minded engagement in the Inland Northwest.