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Grantee: Donell Barlow

Project Title: Creature Teacher Yoga
Year awarded: 2020, Round 3

SAGA support will empower Donell Barlow to create an illustrated book combining her work in yoga with the Salish language.

Creature Teacher Yoga will provide a cultural resource combined with mindful movement to the Native population in Spokane.

Donell Barlow’s work in writing and illustration have been featured in Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine, News from Native California, and Where Women Work Magazine. In addition to being an experienced self-publisher, Barlow has been a certified Yoga teacher for the past seven years. Early in 2020, Barlow began offering classes using early drafts of Creature Teacher Yoga in the Spokane School District. The combination of physical activity with reading practice appealed to the students, and for many, it was their first experience meeting an author and doing yoga.

Creature Teacher Yoga will offer a valuable resource currently missing from the market by featuring Native American culture and Salish translations.

Children need to see authors and books representing their identities and communities; this builds self-confidence and encourages them to apply themselves in other creative platforms.