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Grantee: Quiero Flamenco / Monica Mota

Project Title: Aire Flamenco
Year awarded: 2018, Round 2

Aire Flamenco will be a presentation of Flamenco arts with live music and dance from master Flamenco artists from Spokane and around the country at The Bing Crosby Theater on February 23, 2019. Aire Flamenco will be the third live performance of Flamenco presented by the Spokane-based organization, Quiero Flamenco. This year’s show is entitled Aire (Air) Flamenco. The performance will incorporate the manton (shawl), capes, an aerial artist, and bata de colas (flowing train dresses), all of which harness the power and beauty of air, and provide a stark contrast to the powerful sound generated by the singing, dancing, and percussion produced by a full complement of Flamenco musicians and dancers. SAGA funding will be used to increase the quality and diversity of this year’s production. In addition to the performance, workshops will be offered giving local students the opportunity to work with and learn from master artists in singing, dance and guitar.