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Grantee: Northwest Winterfest

Project Title: Northwest Winterfests' Celebration of the Holidays
Year awarded: 2021, Round 1

Northwest Winterfests’ Celebration of the Holidays is a single event that spans eight weeks starting November 1 to December 31, 2021 in Mirabeau Meadows Park. Northwest Winterfest is the premier annual winter festival in our region, featuring local, regional, and international talents, art and crafts, food, entertainment, and cultures, all happening during the holiday season. This year’s festival will be featuring more than 30 cultural groups, who will present their geography, history, holiday stories, and traditions using the talents, creativity, and imagination of visual and performing artists.

SAGA is pleased to support Northwest Winterfests’ Celebration of the Holidays by compensating the visual and performing artists participating in the event.