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Grantee: Impanda Music Studios & Community Space

Project Title: Operational Support
Year awarded: 2021, Round 2

SAGA is delighted to support Impanda, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that brings healing-focused music and arts programs to at-risk youth and marginalized communities in Spokane’s East Central Neighborhood. Impanda Music Studios is a recording studio and gathering space where youth and community residents can create music and art with a mission to transform pain into purpose. Founder Omy Karorero has held the vision of Impanda since he was a teenager living on the streets of Rwandan after being orphaned by the 1994 genocide.  He attributes his survival, healing, and purpose in his life to the gifts of listening to and creating music. Karorero has committed his life to this message through his powerful voice, gentle hand and lived experience.

Impanda Music Studios partners with allied community organizations and contributes to the community goals outlined in the 5th Avenue Community Strategy prepared in partnership by the City of Spokane Neighborhood and Planning Service and 5th Avenue initiative stakeholders. Impanda states, “An investment in Impanda is not just an investment in a healthy arts community, but an investment in healing our community through arts.” Impada holds a space for societal and personal healing through music and art for marginalized and often overlooked peoples, providing not only personal growth but community growth as well.