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Grantee: Hannah Charlton

Project Title: Research for "The Forgotten Book of Women"
Year awarded: 2020, Round 2

Hannah started recreating illuminated manuscripts so she could experience them in person, starting with a series of manuscript paintings based on the 15th century The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan. This collection includes over 100 famous women in myth and history. Understanding Pizan’s approach shows how much our views come from telling stories, and from how those stories are retold.

SAGA is excited to support Hannah Charlton in her research, documentation and display for The Forgotten Book of Women. Her project will begin with seven 9” x 12” pieces in gouache and gold on vegan parchment, each featuring two to four women selected around a theme (The Artists, The Amazons, The Warriors, etc.) Her final book will contain more than 100 entries.