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Grantee: ClayFox Pottery

Project Title: Clay by the Creek, An Art Program for Women Veterans
Year awarded: 2020, Round 2

SAGA will be supporting Jill Smith’s project, which helps our region’s women veterans to heal and connect through working with clay. Clay by the Creek is focused on the 10,000 women veterans within a 100 mile radius of Spokane, many of whom have issues as a result of their service to our country. They are one of our most forgotten communities as many veterans’ services are still male-centered. Smith has seen firsthand how art can heal and connect these women warriors.

As a clay artist in Spokane for over 48 years, Jill has shown in a variety of galleries, with many shows to her credit. Three years ago, she opened a large studio to share her passion for clay and formed the ClayFox Clay School. For the last ten years she has offered a retreat for women veterans at her horse ranch on the back side of Green Bluff. “Women Warriors & The Cowgirls Retreat for Women Veterans,” one the largest, most successful retreats for women veterans in the United States with 45+ vets attending each year. With the help of SAGA, Jill Smith can expand her program to serve many more women vets who haven’t had the resources to come to the three-day retreat event offering eight or more clay classes a year just for women veterans, free of charge.