Painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, screenprinting, photography, architecture, textiles, crafts, and so much more. If you love the visual arts, don’t miss First Fridays, presented by the Downtown Spokane Partnership. Find your new favorite gallery via our interactive art map. 

The Chase Gallery Presents Oasis

Prepare to be transported to a realm of serenity and creativity as the Chase Gallery’s new art exhibit, Oasis, unveils a harmonious fusion of landscapes, mixed media, and interior design-inspired artworks. Curated to showcase the inherent beauty of landscapes, the dynamic allure of mixed media, and the captivating synergy with interior design aesthetics, Oasis presents an exceptional collection that speaks to both the eyes and the soul.


Graffiti belongs to the streets. And I want to put more than just my name on a canvas. I like to control the destiny of the art I create. Characters, themes of music, love, food, hip-hop. I paint little slices of my imagination. My work has evolved to include unique, emotionally charged themes which are clearly influenced by the culture
that shaped me & made me into an ever-changing artist. I recently moved back to Spokane after being a traveling Chef for 3 years. Signed a lease on an amazing art studio & I’m ready to unpack & start becoming more involved in the community & always thriving Art scene here. I’m always available for the next adventure!!

Hasson Harris

Hasson Harris has been creating works in Fashion Photography , Baking, film, digital art and painting since 2007. Before relocating to the PNW area in 2017 from Los Angeles, he was an industry standard fashion photographer and stylist which lead him to open and head his own agency Slater Management. Once relocating to Spokane he dived into another passion of film making, writing and directing his first horror short Manic Macabre. Manic Macabre is now in pre production for a full length feature entitled Buck Eighty, continuing story. His work, heavily inspired by pop culture , 90s Nostalgia and Music. All these aesthetics shaped what he believes to be his signature style. Born in the Bronx Ny, and raised a military brat, he has always been surrounded by diversity which plays a very big part in his creative outlets for inspiration. He is never not creating without music. Tom Tom Club, Genius of Love being his personal theme, with Stacey Lattisaw’s Attack of the Name Game running close behind. He enjoys dabbling in all forms of creativity and its outlets for as he says “it’s just heartbeats for my monster.”

Courtney Castleman

I’m a digital artist with ADHD who specializes in hand-drawn illustrations, comics, and storyboarding! I occasionally do traditional acrylic paintings as well. I was born and raised in Spokane, my grandfather’s art career was one of the things that inspired me growing up. I’m trying to kickstart my art career as best as I can. Eventually, I’d like to be able to fully support myself with art as my career. In my free time outside of my current job, I am taking care of my Shiba Inu named Nyva! She’s a cutie, and sometimes a troublemaker haha!

Event: September 1
River Ridge Association of Fine Arts (RRAFA) @ the Liberty Gallery in Sept & Oct!

Historic Liberty Building welcomes artists of the River Ridge Association of Fine Arts (RRAFA) at the First Friday receptions on Sept 1st & Oct 6th!

“The Big Little Show” allows over 15 RRAFA artists to showcase their creative energy in the wide variety of pieces, fitting big ideas into small spaces. Many mediums are used, including oils, acrylic, watercolor, mixed medium, stained glass, and fiber arts.

Event: September 8
Posie Kalin’s Exhibition: “I Am Who I Am Becoming”

Posie Kalin (she/her) is an artist, musician and arts educator. She received her MFA from Portland State University 2008. Her artwork explores a broad spectrum of mediums including film, music, photography, choreography, installation, painting and sculpture. Kalin’s methodologies, within her art practice, takes liberty with the aleatoric process bringing her closer to a kind of alchemical journey which is embedded in the artworks themselves.