Event: October 27
USL Arts & Culture listening session

USL Spokane is starting with a blank canvas as it builds its club; our crest, colors and name have not been determined. What we do know is these symbols will be a direct reflection of the people and place that make Spokane unique. To make that happen, we are asking the Spokane community for their help by sharing what they love most about Spokane. Our goal is the creation of an identity, embodied in a crest, that is worn over our hearts, and worn with pride by locals. This is one of multiple listening sessions within the Spokane region for the community to share what they want to see in the crest and club. Specifically, we are asking members of Spokane’s art/culture community to join us; no soccer experience needed.

Event: Opens January 18
Washington Lawyers for the Arts – Legal Advice Week

Washington Lawyers for the Arts is pleased to announce WLA Legal Advice Week for January from January 18 – 22, 2021.  Join in this week-long pro bono telephone clinic where artists and arts professionals statewide can get 30 minutes of free advice related to their legal issues. WLA LAW starts January 18, 2021. The telephone legal clinic will continue for the foreseeable future along side the in-person clinic at Seattle University. WLA LAW is open to artists and arts organizations throughout Washington State. Legal issues* must relate to an artists discipline but can cover a wide range of areas.

Event: Opens February 21
Bloody Valentine’s Day haunted house

Bloody Valentine’s Day haunted house continues for two more weekends! Fri 2/21 and Sat 2/22 and Fri 2/28 and Sat 2/29. Why get chocolate and teddy bears? Why get stressed at all? Come to Sparky’s Valentines haunt; And miss the rush at the mall. We have scares to make her reach for your arms. Frights to make him jump. Scares to make you glad you are Alone; and not with a scared wimpy chump. Alcohol is available too but only if you are of age. So, come on down with a thirst for fun; And look for the queen in the cage. It may be cold… but we’ll keep you warm.. We have heaters for your way. You may be cozy/comfy, but we’ll give you a chill. Remember … blood is red … even on Valentine’s Day.