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Spokane City Council Approves New Motto, Collaborates with Spokane Arts for Logo Design

The Spokane City Council officially approved a new motto for the city, “In Spokane, We All Belong”

The process of selecting the motto involved collaborating with Spokane Arts to create an icon to pair with the motto. Spokane Arts contracted with local artists and designers, John Mujica and Derek Landers, to develop the icon and brand identity for the motto while incorporating the city’s official flag design.

The artistic collaboration between Spokane Arts, Mujica, and Landers ensured that the icon captures the essence of Spokane’s vibrant culture and forward-looking aspirations. Through a thoughtful blend of colors, symbols, and typography, the icon visually conveys the city’s dedication to uplifting its communities, celebrating diversity, and fostering a thriving environment for all residents.